Homerton College

Branding / Graphic Design / Illustration

Homerton College Cambridge branding guidelines vector artwork

Heraldry logo & Brand Guidelines

Heraldry design for Homerton College, one of the Universities of Cambridge.

This project included the updating of the original Coat of Arms from a painting on marble stone to a digital vector illustrated file which could be used on anything from stationery to signage.

We created a comprehensive logo library of all the different logo files created for print and digital. The library enables the staff and students of the college to create any faithfully branded designs they need without any loss of image quality – no matter how large the logo is used.

To find out more about Homerton, click here to visit their website.

An accompanying branding guidelines was then created with clear instruction on how to use the logo library correctly. Word document templates and business cards were also created to complete Homerton’s new brand image.

  •   15 July 2015

  •   Client:

    Homerton College