Geochemistry Conference 2016

Branding / Digital design

Goldschmidt 2016 logo and home page design for a conference based in Japan

Conference logo and website design

Branding and website design for the Goldschmidt 2016 Geochemistry Conference which is based this year in Yokohama, Japan. Japanese calligraphy is beautiful and it is always a pleasure to have a brief like this. We used the Japanese symbols for the four elements: earth, wind, fire and water, on the calligraphy-inspired red sun with Mount Fuji to relate to the location and theme of the event.

The web design for Goldschmidt 2016 builds on the calligraphy style visual branding using a paper texture and a classic but effective colour scheme.

View the live website here.

  •   08 December 2014

  •   Client:

    Cambridge Publications