Digital Heraldry

Branding / Illustration

Logo design Cambridge vector heraldry minimal style

Heraldic logo design

Heraldic logo design for a Cambridge based digital heraldic artist. We used the the lion because it represents strength and is a common element in heraldry.

With the use of a set number of circle sizes and straight angles (horizontal and 45 degree angles) we created a logo that captures the essence of digital heraldry. The lion was simplified into sections for the head, body, legs and tails to fill the shield shape without having to use a shield itself. The lion rampant (a standing lion with outstretched arms and legs) is an excellent form to work with, it’s features can be broken down in so many ways and to such a basic level. The approach we went for was the middle ground between detail and simplicity.

You can see the process from sketchbook through to the final design here. It shows the amount of work that can go into a logo where the final result looks very minimal and clean. We really enjoyed working on this design.

To see more examples of digital heraldry design you can visit