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We have worked with Cambridge-based OtterVibe to develop a conference app that can be easily tailored to each individual conference, their branding and content. OtterVibe specialise in apps for conferences both in the UK and internationally,

Their investment in UI design and user experience (UX) design allows them to create a simple and beautiful way of navigating through a large amount of data. We have supplied a full set of icons to help the delegates of each conference find what they need to know about various talks and events as well as the city or location they are going to.

To keep up with technology and be as environmentally friendly as possible the traditional printed programs are slowly being replaced with apps that can stream all of the information directly from the conference database.

Their success is testament to the importance of investing in design and development of their products. To see more app design for OtterVibe please visit the OtterVibe website.

  •   27 May 2015

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