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Digital Heraldry Illustration

Heraldic art follows different rules to standard illustration, this is how they retain their unique style. We have worked closely with the Royal College of Arms, London, on numerous projects. Other heraldry clients include: University of Cambridge and some of the Cambridge colleges to recreate and update existing coats of arms as vector (digital) artwork. Vector illustrations can be enlarged to any size without any loss of image quality or resolution.

This vector redesign of an existing coat of arms was commissioned by Engineering Council. We work from the original paintings (often painted onto marble stone) to recreate these complex illustrations. Various parts of the achievement including the animal supporters at the side, and the mantling have been updated to give the whole design a fresher look and the perfection that you can only achieve with vector illustration.

If you are interested in heraldry try visiting the Royal College of Arms website.

  •   15 March 2014

  •   Client:

    The Royal College of Arms, London